An estimated area of one hectare is being deforested every second in the world today. A large share of the deforestation is being done to meet the global demand for wood to furnish utilities ranging from interior decoration and furnishing to advertising and event decor. Unless we substitute wood with materials that will ensure least damage to the environment, the world will face serious ecological imbalances in the near future. It is from this thought that Alutuff took shape.

Alutuff from Ashoka Foam Group offers a durable range of PVC Foam Boards Plywood and MDF so as to guarantee finer features. Being India's sole largest manufacturer of PVC Foam Boards, Ashoka Foam Group produces Alutuff with maximum possibilities for customization and choice of colours. Chemically foamed, firm and light weight, Alutuff extruded boards have a fine & haomogenous closed cell structure with a smooth matte finish surface on both sides. Alutuff also surpasses several downbeat aspects of wood. Plywood and MDF Like termite attacks, flammability and moisture retention. The brand adheres to the highest quality control policies that extend even to its packaging. Alutuff even provides a masking film on its boards so as to ensure that they do not get damaged during transportation.

Ashoka Foam Group is part of one of the swiftest expanding and most innovative business groups in the country. Best Group India.


We want to establish ourselves as the most distinguish company.  One, which is adored world over for its inimitable designs and superior technology. The company’s products not only add value to kitchens and drawing rooms but also scintillate art galleries, corporate offices and restaurants. 


We want to win hearts rather than filling our coffers. For us our products are no less than a piece of art.  Available in various shapes and hues these products bring compliments for you, sustaining this thought, we leave no stone unturned. From using the best material to introducing new design, we consider every miniscule detail before putting them on display.

Words From the Directors

CEO Founder

Mr. Ashok Goel

Mr. Ashok Goel is the founder of one of the leading group of Home Furnishings since 1978. He has built the company with all his heart which reflects in the success of the company. Mr. Ashok Goel always worked towards providing the high end quality products for the consumers and the mantra of the company has been to maintain the utmost customer satisfaction.

CEO Founder

Mr. Udit Goel 

Mr. Udit Goel is the Marketing Director of Ashoka Foam. He is responsible for taking the legacy forward with a sought after outlook. Mr. Udit brings in a lot of zeal and fresh approach to the business.