Constantly on the endeavour to provide choice and perfect solutions, Alutuff is the only brand in India to offer PVC foam boards in such immense variety and three different surface finishes - Matte, Glossy and Wood Grain. These unique and beautiful surface finishes combined with a fine range of White. Colour, Lamination, WPC and Shuttering PVC Foam Boards ensure that you can always have the choice of sourcing a material that a apt for your applications.


We all know trees are no less than oxygen factory for surroundings. Deforestation has already done some irreparable harm to surroundings and now various things have been devised to replace the wood. And one such answer is Alutuff  White Boards. These white boards are used in making cupboards, shelves and wardrobes.  Boards are not only known for their superior quality and finish but they are also known for their durability. In looks and aesthetics these boards are as good as wood. 


Colours add beauty to our life. And when you find Alutuff PVC boards in myriad colours you know your offices, meeting rooms and conference halls will not only vibrate with energy but also   attract some really good compliments. Yes, available in fine quality & superior material these boards are not only termite and moisture resistant but also versatile and corrosion free. These boards are mostly used by event managers, big retailers to display graphics or highlight product features.                


Laminate boards are chemically treated boards. A perfect amalgamation of quality and durability, these laminates enhances the beauty of every decor.  These boards are inundated with a lot of superior features viz. Rich finish, smooth texture, sturdiness, durability and longevity.  Besides this, boards can be used for constructing stairs or tabletop and worktop applications as well as for furniture parts. Laminated boards are also apt to shape things, like skateboards, tables, cutting boards, clocks, and chairs. 


 In global market WPC boards are called with various names viz. ‘Construction boards’, ‘Crust foam boards’, ‘Calcium boards’, ‘WPC shuttering boards’ ‘WPC MDF boards’, WPC Plates, PVC foam boards, WPC sheets and WPC panels. These boards are used for making furniture, kitchen cabinets, kitchen shutters. Taking further, these boards are being used for making temporary shelters for government housing projects, construction site pavilions/shelters, low cost housing projects and other road and building projects.


Shuttering boards are used widely within various shuttering systems as well as in simple shuttering. Shuttering boards offer an excellent price/performance ratio, which makes them a great economical alternative to the substantially more expensive shuttering plywood and other multiple-layer boards.

These boards come with a lot of advantages like,- high dimensional accuracy and shape stability, long life, possibility of multiple use  resistance against humidity from wet batch, simple handling,- easy treatment and fixing, perfectly smooth and resistant surface, ecological recyclable material and easy  maintenance. 


Today the development of green materials is very important because CO2 emissions and waste production are worldwide problems and new ways to improve sustainability and recycling are needed. The nature of wood use has, of course, varied from region to region and changed with time. Wood is now available in a variety of forms which have resulted from technological advances. Aalutuff brings with you various applications of woodboards in the field of Housing, Construction etc to suffice the needs of the modern world.

Delivering Vibrance with Quality

For ease of craft and aesthetic quality, Alutuff can be custom ordered in a range of vibrant, premium quality colours as listed here

Alutuff PVC foam boards can be attached to each other or wood/laminates/veneers to render additional strength and thickness. if your application demands so. In order to gain perfect finish and durability when doing so, we recommend the following adhesives.

For attaching ALUTUFF Boards to each other:

Feviool Solvent Cement or
Sunllex - 084 PVC Sotvent Cement

For attaching Alutuff boards to WoodlLainatesNeneers/Mica

Feviool HeatxorSunllex-062

ALUTUFF can also be used as a base board for lamination with mica. veneer or any other material so as to ensure additional strength and protection against warping.